Centennial of the Introduction of the Japanese Beetle into North America near Philadelphia

Ken Frank, author of the new book, “Ecology of Center City, Philadelphia” (available from Fitler Square Press: http://fitlersquarepress.com/ecology-of-center-city-philadelphia/ ) will be giving a talk on Wednesday the 2nd of December, at the Academy of Natural Sciences, to the American Entomological Society, on the “Centennial of the Introduction of the Japanese Beetle into North America near Philadelphia“; this event will begin at 7PM.

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Witmer Stone

On the evening of Thursday the 19th of November, beginning at 7:30PM, the Philadelphia Botanical Club will have its monthly meeting, and Scott McConnell, author of Witmer Stone: The Fascination of Nature, will talk about the subject of that book, in a lecture titled “Witmer Stone: The Fascination of Nature”.

For more information, see here: http://darwin.ansp.org/hosted/botany_club/meeting.html

Whitaker Mill

Philadelphia’s landscape includes the historic threads of a densely sewn tapestry of industry and manufacturing, woven in and among the streams and waterways that wind through, and at times beneath, our city. One particularly sturdy length of fabric was the Whitaker Mill, of which you can read more about here:


That area is right nearby to Cedar Grove.