Germantown flora and fauna

An article on historic plants of Germantown, Philadelphia:

And a note on the historic fauna of Germantown, from “Descriptions of three new species of Coluber, inhabiting the United States. By Thomas Say. Read, January 25, 1825. [the Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (Vol. VI, Part I)]

“Coluber… C. septemvittatus.

An individual of this species was found by Mr. Reuben Haines, on the second floor of his residence at Germantown…”

Coluber septemvittatus is now known as Regina septemvittata and is more commonly known as the Queen Snake.  And the residence of Reuben Haines is now known as Wyck.

And for the birds, see: “A Migration of Hawks at Germantown, Pa.” (by Witmer Stone, 1887):

And, for a Hooded Warbler from the 19th century, “Sylvania mitrata at Germantown, Pennsylvania, in November” (by Witmer Stone, 1888)

And, “Graphic Representation of Bird Migration” (Witmer Stone, 1889):

And from an on-line discussion, “Penn Area Neighborhood Association …”:

“Harking back to the name of the neighborhood organization:
the same Helen Bauhof (former photographer for the Germantown Courier and VERY knowledgeable person about Germantown) helped choose the name of “Penn Area…” because William Penn signed one of the several treaties with the Lenni Lennapes in the vicinity of an oak that stood roughly at the corner of Belfield Ave. and Penn Street. A piece of bark of that oak is currently in private hands.
The corner triangle – now a casual parking place – was once considered for conversion into a small park with a large stone (Wissahickon schist no less) and a brass plaque.”

And – House Sparrows:


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