Weeds Under your Car: Island Biogeography of Parking Lots

On the evening of Thursday the 28th of May, beginning at 7:30PM, the Philadelphia Botanical Club will have its monthly meeting, and Lena Struwe of Rutgers University will talk about local plants in a lecture titled “Weeds Under your Car: Island Biogeography of Parking Lots”.

And at 4 PM that day, Professor Struwe will be leading a field trip focused on urban weeds, meeting at the 19th Street entrance of the Academy (19th and Cherry Streets), and proceeding from there to a nearby parking lot.

Here is a link, relevant to her presentation, to succinct field guides to weedy plants, from Professor Struwe and her associates: http://4weeds.blogspot.com/2015/04/new-fieldguides-are-out.html

For more information on the lecture and the excursion and the meeting, see here: http://darwin.ansp.org/hosted/botany_club/meeting.html