Weeds Under your Car: Island Biogeography of Parking Lots

On the evening of Thursday the 28th of May, beginning at 7:30PM, the Philadelphia Botanical Club will have its monthly meeting, and Lena Struwe of Rutgers University will talk about local plants in a lecture titled “Weeds Under your Car: Island Biogeography of Parking Lots”.

And at 4 PM that day, Professor Struwe will be leading a field trip focused on urban weeds, meeting at the 19th Street entrance of the Academy (19th and Cherry Streets), and proceeding from there to a nearby parking lot.

Here is a link, relevant to her presentation, to succinct field guides to weedy plants, from Professor Struwe and her associates: http://4weeds.blogspot.com/2015/04/new-fieldguides-are-out.html

For more information on the lecture and the excursion and the meeting, see here: http://darwin.ansp.org/hosted/botany_club/meeting.html

Black Locust: The Tree on Which the US Was Built

To read more about the history of the black locust, and how it impacted US history, see here:


François André Michaux wrote in 1818 (The North America Sylva; Volume 2), of Robinia pseudoacacia:

“Within 18 or 20 years an obstacle has unhappily appeared, which will contribute greatly to prevent the multiplication of the Locust in all the anciently settled parts of the United States : this is a winged insect which attacks the tree while standing, penetrates through the bark into the centre of the trunk, and, for the space of a foot, mines it in every direction, so that it is easily broken by the wind. This inconvenience is already so serious as to induce many people to forego all attempts to form plantations of Locust.  In Virginia.”