Pennsylvania lake plants – What, Where, Why?

On the evening of Thursday the 23rd of October, beginning at 7:30PM, the Philadelphia Botanical Club will have its monthly meeting, and Ann Rhoads will talk about the lacustrine portions of our state’s flora, in a lecture titled “PA Lake Plants – What, Where, Why?”.

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Walking through history

Though a landscape might change, the lines on a map can still be found, and followed, as Bill Bolger illustrates by walking across New Jersey along the demarcation between East Jersey and West Jersey that was set out in the 17th century.  To read more about this, see here:

and here:

Organizing Nature: Joseph Leidy and the Design of the Wagner Free Institute of Science

On Wednesday the 24th of September (tomorrow night, that is), Susan Glassman, Executive Director of the Wagner Free Institute of Science, will give an illustrated presentation, at the Wagner, on Joseph Leidy and his work and legacy. For more information on this, please see here:

Flowering cherries

Cherries are flowering throughout Philadelphia now.  To read more about them, see here for an excellent article, written by Tony Aiello of the Morris Arboretum, about what they are, where they’re from, and how they got here:

(Japanese Flowering Cherrries – a 100-Year-Long Love Affair; by Anthony Aiello; from Arnoldia 69/4, April 2012)